Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Trap

A Serbian film from 2007, which is shocking in and of itself, because I thought Serbian was merely a language. It's about a hapless father who is put into a predicament when his son is diagnosed to require some sort of vague surgery to cure some vague disorder that causes not-so-vague seizures.

Naturally, the "hapless" comes into play because he can't afford it and is forced to turn to measures like sulking around in his office, getting drunk, trashing furniture, and killing people. This protagonist is just so likeable! No wonder everyone loves him and thinks he's a good man.

However, what I admire most about the movie is how it hits all the important social issues down the road, and then runs away recklessly in its red Renault 4, without even checking to see what sort of monster it has hit. Every single time!

After all, nobody likes watching social commentary. Nobody wants to face the problems. Why do you think alcohol's so popular all over the world?

So every time social injustice rears its ugly head, The Trap does the sensible thing and merely nods, in acknowledgement, shies away politely, then goes on its way, absorbed in its own melodramatic conventions and self-importance.

The Trap: 5/10

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