Friday, July 25, 2008

Go, Speed Racer, Go

"Orgy, hell: The film is like a nightmare in which you're trapped in an arcade with screens on all sides and no eyelids."
David Edelstein

"Gaudier than a Hindu-temple roof, louder than the Las Vegas night, Speed Racer is a cathedral of glitz."
J. Hoberman

"So hyperfrenetic that, in the end, you wonder if the Wachowskis aren't trying to pull off an elaborate hoax – a deranged techno fantasia posing as retro-ish family fare."
Peter Ranier

"'Speed Racer' proudly denies entry into its ultra-bright world to all but gamers, fanboys and anime enthusiasts."
Kirk Honeycutt

Well then, count me in.

Speed Racer: 7/10

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Pacze Moj said...

I might have to see this now. Damn you.