Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Black Comedy White Tragedy

This film is the most inefficient movie I've ever seen. All across the board, people just try harder than they really need to try.

For example, everyone knows you don't sell tickets, Colin, so why waste time acting? And why construct a plot that's too unpredictable, Martin, when it won't sell because you can't properly execute it in a 2-minute trailer? And why compose a haunting score, Carter, when there are no words to sell them to Apple's iBots?

Just a complete and utter waste of talent all around.

Just like some other critics attest to, though, the film's only saving grace is its daring and unrestrained dialogue because not everyone can make a war between black midgets and white midgets funny, especially when when the fat retarded black woman helps tilt the proverbial see-saw in their favor, as the fat caucasian Americans are too lazy and unfit to run up the long and winding ladder to white supremacy, while their white Dutch counterparts struggle to earn money from their vaginas as suffering illegal immigrants snorting cocaine. Oh, and everyone's gay. That's wit and high comedy right there. Offending people rules.

In Bruges: 7/10

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