Monday, June 2, 2008

(Small) Screen Kings

Clearly director David Ayer is a master of television, expertly minimizing competently-intense performances from the silver to the small screen. He also manages to round up a hodge-podge of varying famous faces and turning their roles into glorified guest-starring cameos.

Not only that, sure to please network execs, he manages to cram in numerous jarring commercial breaks every fifteen minutes into the narrative, then re-introducing the story with generic television flyovers made popular by crime shows. Observe.

In fact, he goes so far in his mission to turn the film into a show that he blatantly introduces Hugh Laurie as House to please his fans.

Who's the man behind the curtain?

He has his pills. All he forgot was his cane.

It takes a director of astounding humility to realize the limitations of their major motion picture and consciously chooses to turn it into a star-studded TV movie with excessive swearing and Ayer oozes this trait, and then some more ooze.

And people wonder why this flopped at the box-office. That was by design.

Street Kings: 4/10

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