Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Puns Not InTENDed

Satoshi (K)ONs us into overLOOKing the barRAGE of riDIKulous COINciDENces tHAT MANifest themsELVES in this CHRISTmas FAIRY tALE by sH@MELESSly DRAGging out and flOUTING its NUM(B)ERous deus EX machinas aCROSS,DRESSING it WITh SENTiMENTALity, huMOR(E) and wARMth, WINDing up with an INFANTile STOR(E)y of disGUSTing HOPe and HUMANism B(U)Y the ACT(S)ion-pacK(I)D END.

Tokyo Godfathers: 6/10

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